8 Old Time Desserts That Are Not Made Any More

Simple desserts that were once a common part of the American diet have mostly been lost over the years, but these old-time desserts were sometimes just as tasty as what we eat now.

1. Indian Pudding

EzoicThere’s nothing like a little cornmeal to make a dish healthier. This recipe is high in fiber and calcium, making it a great meal for those trying to eat healthy without sacrificing taste or quality.


It also makes a wonderful dessert. The spices make this dish not only delicious but also anti-inflammatory and good for you to boot!

2. Fruit Dumplings

A classic dessert from England that can be filled with any kind of fruit you want, but usually contains apples since they cook down well enough that no additional work is needed.

It’s also delicious with pears, cherries, or blueberries.

3. Apple Brown Betty

An American dessert containing biscuit dough and apples, this dish is one that doesn’t need many ingredients to taste amazing. The biscuits are soft in the middle but slightly crispy on the outside.

Topped off with a caramel sauce made from butter, sugar, and cream makes this dessert truly mouth-watering!

4. Red Wine Cake

Famous in Germany this alcoholic wine cake gets its alcohol through naturally fermenting ingredients rather than being soaked with booze after being baked.

This helps prevent drunkenness while adding flavor at the same time to the cake that you’ll love.

5. Milk Jam

Milk jam? Not something you’d expect to see in a list, right? Milk is boiled with sugar and acid like lemon juice or vinegar until it becomes a thick paste, which allows the mixture to keep for much longer than other sweet preserves.

This was popular when refrigerators were expensive and not available to everyone. Thankfully there’s always Google if you want to make it yourself after reading this article!

6. Pecan Ring Cake

Pecan ring cake reminds me of wedding cakes from old movies. The decorations are lovely and it tastes amazing because pecans are just so tasty and they are very healthy too!

7. Spiced Tea Cake

Spiced tea cakes are only made at Christmas time, which is good because it means you’ll get to spend more time with your loved ones during the festive season! This kind of dessert is typical of the Netherlands and Northern Germany.


8. Coffee Jelly (coffee blancmange)

Coffee Jelly (coffee blancmange) was very popular in Japan until the 1980s but it seems like younger generations do not really know about this delicious treat anymore.

It’s a shame because coffee jelly has an amazing taste; if you haven’t heard of it, don’t worry – you’re not the only one.

Take the time to check out these incredible desserts if you’re interested in trying something that is a bit aged but still very tasty.


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