10 Easy Ideas For Lunch At Home

I don’t always have time to prepare big lunches when I am home. By lunch time, I am usually in the middle of several cleaning projects, busy with my kids and already thinking about dinner, not lunch. So, I like lunchtime to be easy, healthy and still delicious.

These quick lunch recipes are perfect for making when you need a fast midday meal. Each one is unique and will keep your lunchtime exciting. Take a look and see which easy lunch recipe you want to try first!

1. Veggie-Packed Cauliflower Rice

Cauliflower rice is one of my favorite meals because it is completely made from veggies. This cauliflower rice recipe not only has lots of cauliflower, but it is also full of corn, peas, broccoli and onions. It is deluxe cauliflower rice!

The best part of this recipe is that it only takes 10 minutes. Seriously, just ten minutes and you will have one of the healthiest lunches possible. This recipe definitely checks all the boxes. It is nutritious, flavorful and oh so easy. 

2. Reuben In A Bowl 

Ruben sandwiches are often one of my go-to lunches. Then, I discovered this really easy recipe to make rubens in a bowl. Now, this has become my favorite quick lunch for those times when I am craving corned beef and thousand island dressing. 

For this recipe, you will need to pick up some deli-sliced corned beef. My local grocery store always has it in stock so I bet yours will too.

Then, all you need to do is assemble the bowls and drizzle them with your homemade dressing. It is incredible that a meal this good can be made so quickly. 

3.10-Minute Peanut Noodles 

You won’t believe how fast you can make this take out style peanut noodle recipe. It takes less than ten minutes to put together. That is faster than take out for sure! 

Rice noodles are so quick to make and cook in just minutes. While the noodles are boiling, you can whisk together the homemade peanut noodle sauce. Toss the noodles in the sauce and your quick, tasty lunch is ready to eat. 

4. Buddha Bowl 

Buddha bowls look incredible, taste amazing and are actually pretty quick to put together. These 15 different buddha bowls will help keep your lunch time interesting but your cooking time low. 

I love the vegan sweet potato buddha bowl the most but the  roasted veggie winter buddha bowl is just as good. You will have to try them all and see which tantalizes your taste buds the most. 

5. Mediterranean Chickpea Salad 

Crack open a can of chickpeas and you are already almost done with this salad. It is just that easy! The Greek style salad is bursting with lemony dressing, bright herbs and lots of veggies. It is hard to believe that something this easy to make can be so tasty.

I also love this salad because it is packed with healthy, vegetarian protein. Chickpeas are so nutritious and also very filling. You will not be hungry after eating this hearty salad for lunch! 

6. Buffalo Chicken Wrap 

I dream about these buffalo chicken wraps. They are just so good! In fact, I have been making buffalo chicken wraps at least three times a week lately. They are just so easy, flavorful and everyone in my family loves them.

I like to buy a rotisserie chicken and use that as the shredded chicken in this recipe. Any type of buffalo wing sauce will work and I definitely recommend using blue cheese. Give this recipe a try and you will have lunch ready in less than 10 minutes! 

7. Copycat Panera Warm Grain Bowl – Baja

Once you try this grain bowl recipe, you will never need to go to Panera again! This homemade version is even tastier and actually really fast to put together. In just ten minutes, you can have a warm grain bowl ready to eat, giving you a healthy and fast lunch for when you are home. 

I especially love the lemon garlic marinade in this recipe. The marinade combined with the Greek yogurt and cheese crumbles makes the bowl especially tasty.

While there are tomatoes in the recipe already, I also like to add some steamed broccoli and chopped cucumbers. You can really add any veggies you want! 

8. Bento Boxes 

Bento boxes are a fun lunch for when you are home or when you are on the go. They are divided into small compartments, giving you a few different snacky type foods. As a true snack lover, I really like this way of eating!

Of course, these adult bento box recipes are healthier than just eating snacks. The curry bento box is full of nutritious chickpeas while the Japanese bento box has a vitamin packers cabbage salad.

Try each of these easy lunches when you are at home and see which is your favorite. It will be hard to choose! 

9. Tuna Patties 

If you are home and looking for an easy, amazing lunch, these tuna patties may be exactly what you need. They cook so quickly but taste like you worked in the kitchen for hours. I also love that they are an economical lunch that you can enjoy often.

Canned tuna is mixed with seasonings and some crusty bread pieces. Form the patties and then pop them into a skillet until they are golden brown and beautiful.

I like the tuna patties on their own but you could enjoy them on a burger bun for a little bit of a twist on the recipe. 

10. 3-Ingredient Balsamic Chicken

This super easy lunch idea takes almost no effort to make. All you need to do is throw three ingredients into your slow cooker and come back 4 hours later to perfectly cooked chicken!

The recipe does take a little pre-planning since the chicken needs to slow cook for a few hours. I like to add everything to the slow cooker at breakfast time, then, by lunch, it is ready to eat!

This recipe makes enough shredded balsamic chicken to last you the whole week. Serve it with a side of rice, inside a burrito or as part of a chicken sandwich. One easy recipe can give you a wide variety of lunch options.

11. One Pan Dinner Jalapeno Nacho Pasta 

I am obsessed with this easy nacho pasta. I never knew that combining the flavor of nachos and tender pasta noodles could be so good! The spicy jalapenos, cheesy soup sauce and all the spices make this meal irresistible. 

Of course, the best part about this lunch recipe is it is fast to make. Next time you are home at lunchtime, I recommend making nacho pasta. It makes enough to feed the whole family and everyone will adore it.

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