Kaya Puff Pastry (Kaya Kok)

Kaya Kok is a very popular puff pastry in Southeast Asia, particularly in Singapore and Malaysia. It is flaky and it is filled with rich


Pineapple Pie

I grew up in a tropical country, loving watermelons, coconuts, and pineapples, just to mention a few of my favorite fruits. I love eating them


Spanish Polvorón

Polvorón is one of the most popular Christmas treats in Spain. The term ‘Polvorón’ came from the word ‘polvo’ which means powder or dust. So


Blueberry Cream Cheese Danish

Personally, I find Blueberry Danish (all Danish pastries actually) adorable. From the cute name to the simple way you eat them as well as how


Cream Puffs

I am pretty sure you have already come across cream puffs in some restaurants, bakeries (especially French bakeries), on the internet, or perhaps on cooking


Strawberry Roll

We all love strawberries whether they are freshly picked, turned into smoothies or ice creams, or added into cakes. With their pinkish-red color and distinct


Delicious Banana Muffins

Fresh ripe bananas are favorite desserts for many. We love them as they are. Even our kids may prefer them over other fruits. This may