Stracciatella Gelato (No-Churn)

Stracciatella Gelato looks like American chocolate chip ice cream, but the chips do not come in chunks. They come in fine bits, which gives this delicious treat that smooth texture. And because there are fine bits of chocolate throughout, every bite will have the slightest crunch.

For anybody who first hears the name Stracciatella Gelato, they would think that it is a complicated dessert. But really, it’s not. The truth is, this ultra-smooth and creamy gelato is made with just four simple ingredients that you probably already have at home.

Yes, that’s right! 4 ingredients and you can have Stracciatella Gelato for a snack or after-dinner dessert. What’s more? This right here is, ‘no-churn’, that’s why you can whip it up in just a few minutes. Insanely easy and delicious!

This dessert comes with traditional Italian flavor, plus it comes with a beautifully smooth and creamy texture. It is also lightly scented and speckled with dark chocolate shards. Seriously, it couldn’t be easier to make!

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Stracciatella Gelato (No-Churn)

  • Author: Myles
  • Total Time: 5 minutes + freezing time
  • Yield: 12 1x


With heavy cream, condensed milk, vanilla extract or bean paste, and dark chocolate, you are all set to make the best no-churn stracciatella gelato. And, yes, you can definitely make this ultra-smooth and creamy gelato without an ice cream machine. Easy and delicious!



14 ounces condensed milk

2 1/2 cups heavy cream (double cream)

1/4 teaspoon vanilla bean paste or 1 teaspoon vanilla extract

1 cup dark chocolate (roughly chopped)


  1. Place the heavy cream, vanilla, and condensed milk in a large mixing bowl.
  2. Beat the mixture using an electric mixer until it gets really thick. It should also be smooth and resembles soft peaks.
  3. Fold the chopped dark chocolate through the gelato mixture. The chocolate should be roughly chopped – a mixture of large chunks and tiny pieces.
  4. Transfer the stracciatella gelato to a freezer-proof container. Put the lid on and freeze for about 6 hours. If you have the luxury of time, you can freeze it overnight.
  5. Remove the gelato from the freezer 10 to 15 minutes before serving.
  6. You can decorate your stracciatella gelato with a sprig of mint and raspberries to add more colors to it.


  • It is very important that you utilize heavy cream so you can whip it up nice and thick.
  • For the best flavor, you should get high-quality dark chocolate.
  • Prep Time: 5 minutes

With this recipe, I highly recommend for you to utilize vanilla bean paste if you want to have that beautiful vanilla flavor. It is also responsible for those tiny black speckles throughout the gelato. You can make use of vanilla extract but never settle for vanilla essence because it is an artificial flavoring.

Indeed, this right here is a no-fuss stracciatella recipe. The ingredients are easy to find. In fact, you might already have them right on your kitchen counter or fridge. But to ensure that you will get the best results, only use high-quality ingredients especially when it comes to dark chocolate.

This Stracciatella Gelato has that classic vanilla and chocolate flavor, but it is smooth, creamy, luxurious, and delicious!

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